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Providing the perfect energy system for your home, helping you to reduce bills and lower your carbon footprint.

We provide a variety of energy systems that are specifically suited for agricultural businesses. Using the latest technology, we can find the best system for your farm.

Finding the right energy solution for any business – from smaller facilities to newly built office blocks, schools, government buildings, shopping centres, and much more.

We will aid you in finding the right finance when installing any of our energy systems. Grants (residential, agricultural, commercial & industrial), green loans and asset financing available.

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Eco Green Resources

Technology is ever-evolving and our greenhouse gasses are increasing.

Our aim is to provide an energy-efficient low carbon environment, whether at home or at work, through the installation of well designed, cost-effective, professional renewable energy systems.

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Hear What out Past Clients Have to Say

Bernard and his team are really good guys, excellent work, and very competitive.

I received very genuine advice and in fact, I was advised to install a smaller system than what I was originally quoted saving me quite a lot of money. Very pleased, highly recommended.

This is a brilliant system. I can see the savings every day on my phone. No problem recommending EGR. Top Class.

I Installed a system in my Garage works shop in December. One company was putting Panels almost everywhere. Bernard looked at our electricity bills for the summertime and advised us that a system almost quarter the size was best suited. The cost difference was enormous. Very professional start to finish and also nice tax incentives.

I looked at a few options before deciding to go with EGR. Delighted I did, they delivered on everything they said they would.

The Eco Green team was extremely nice to deal with. Their advice was very helpful and they would not hesitate to go the extra mile which was very much appreciated. We got installed a 3KW system including a 4,8 KW battery and the extra boost which is coming very handy when the battery is full as it heats the water for free! In just a few months, we’ve already seen a great improvement in our bills. Key point is to use some energy constantly (I.e turn a dishwasher or washing) and never too much at the same time (don’t turn them together). We reorganized the way we are doing the house chores to match the best efficiency of our system and it works just perfectly! The Eco Green team is fully trained and the standard of their work is very professional. I would recommend Eco Green to anyone thinking of saving some money and or simply doing their own bit towards a greener world. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to using their services again in the future.

I have to say that we found Mr. Bernard O’ Connor from Eco Green extremely professional to deal with. His advice was very helpful and his patience in giving a comprehensive explanation gave us great confidence in the system. We installed a 3KW system with the extra IBoost which is coming very handy when the battery is full as it also heats our water. It has had a very positive impact on our electricity bills. Using our appliances to spread the electricity consumption over the day was against what we had previously been taught by the ESB but it seems that this is the most efficient way to use the new system. As a new customer, we have been very impressed with Eco Green, indeed all the team is extremely professional and well trained. We recommend Eco Green to anyone interested in a greener and more sustainable world especially when it has a positive impact on our pockets.

Dealing with Eco Green Resources was a pleasure. From Quote to Sale, Installation, and Support, Bernard was very knowledgeable and was able to answer any and all questions. The people who installed the equipment were also very friendly and did a very professional and clean job. I am delighted with my new solar panels and I am proud to show them off both on my home roof and on how they perform on my phone app.