Our battery storage solutions are designed to capture any surplus energy from your solar panels and store it until you need it. This helps to reduce the amount of energy you purchase from the national grid. With some of our battery storage solutions there is the ability to keep some circuits running in the event of grid failure (UPS / EPS functionality). We can also offer off-grid solutions.

Battery storage is the next step in renewable. Eco Green Resources supply battery storage solutions for the residential, agricultural and commercial sectors. Our battery storage solutions provide you with solar energy even on the dullest day, ensuring that none of your solar power goes to waste. Our solutions come in two main types, AC coupled and DC coupled.

Benefits To Using Battery Storage Solutions

Lower your energy bills

Reduce your carbon footprint
Keep payback periods down

There is a range of SEAI & TAM11 grant aid available and our trained team can help guide you through the process. Contact our team today to learn more about battery storage solutions.