Harness Green Energy To Become More Efficient & Save Costs


One of the best ways to invest in the future of your business is by switching to renewable energy. Eco Green Resources specialise in helping businesses to find and install the best energy systems to meet their needs.

With over 40 years’ experience of working in the mechanical, electrical & construction industries, we can find the right solution for any business. We support a diverse range of clients including property developers, manufacturers, local government, schools, and shopping centres.

Our solar panels are manufactured by world leaders in solar technology and offer businesses greater yield rates and maximum efficiency. The solar panels performance is fully backed by a product warranty.

Our battery storage solutions are designed to capture any surplus energy from your solar array and store it until you need it, even when the sun is not shining.

How Renewable Energy Can Help Your Business

Businesses can benefit greatly from switching to renewable energy.

Renewable energy systems will lower the carbon footprint of your business and reduce your carbon tax.

Generating your own energy allows you to control your own energy prices,meaning you are not at the mercy of price rises by your electricity provider.

Government Tax incentives re available for all businesses.

By going green, you improve your company’s marketability with a new generation of consumers.

Once installed, the returns will quickly justify the original investment.

If you are unsure about your organisation’s energy requirements, contact our team today.

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What our clients say


Mark Maher

I Installed a system in my garage workshop in December. Eco Green Resources provided excellent advise on the type of system to install and where I could make savings.
Bernard was extremely knowledgeable around the tax incentives and funding available.
The whole process was very professional and I am benefiting from the switch as the cost savings were enormous.

Mark Maher

Rory Wilkinson

Dealing with Eco Green Resources was a pleasure. The whole process from quote through to installation was very professional. Bernard was extremely knowledgeable on energy solutions and the installation team was professional, friendly and very efficient. I am delighted with my new solar panels. They look very well on my home roof and being able to monitor how they perform on my phone app is a great benefit.

Rory Wilkinson

Florent Beauce

..extremely nice to deal with. Their knowledge, high standard of work and willingness to go the extra mile made a big difference to our project. We installed a 3KW solar system including a 4.8 KW battery. ..we’ve already seen a considerable improvement in our bills and the extra boost we get when the battery is full is great, as we get the water heated for free! I would recommend Eco Green Resources to anyone looking to save money

Florent Beauce