Solar PV

We offer a wide range of solar PV services, from small Domestic SEAI Grant Aided Arrays for Residential Buildings to TAM11 Grant Aided Arrays for Agriculture and medium to large scale Tax-efficient arrays for commercial-industrial applications. With a range of different options available we specialize in tailoring each system to your individual requirement and with a finish that looks good and meets your expectations.

All of our engineers and roofers are fully trained to the latest standards. Once completed your system will also be registered with a certifying body, and all of our installations come with an insurance backed guarantee for additional your peace of mind.

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Solar PV Panels for Irish Homes

Battery Storage

Battery storage is the next step in renewables. The ability to store the energy you produce from renewable energy sources is key to keeping payback periods down, as well as your energy bills and carbon footprint! There is a range of SEAI & TAM11 Grant-aided battery solutions available and our trained team can help guide you through them. With Smart Metering coming next year you will have an additional benefit to purchase energy off-peak and release this energy on-peak.

Our Battery storage is designed to capture any surplus energy from your solar array and store it until you need it. This helps to further reduce the amount of energy you purchase from the national grid. Another benefit to some of our systems is the ability to keep some circuits running in the event of grid failure (UPS / EPS functionality). We have batteries solutions starting at just 2.4kWh for those smaller systems through to large scale systems for Agriculture- Commercial-Industrial solutions.

Storage solutions come in two main types, AC Coupled, or DC Coupled. We can also offer off-grid solutions.

PV Panels

Key for all solar PV installations:

Choosing the right panel for your installation is fundamental for all projects. Whether you’re looking for a high wattage good looking module for a showcase installation or a high wattage budget design module that is great for Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial projects, we have the panel for you. With our stock of the Tier one Trina’s polycrystalline Solar modules ideally suited to Agricultural- Commercial- Industrial Applications, or our Longi Solar modules who possess nearly 50% of the market share for monocrystalline high output PERC and bifacial modules suited to all sectors of the market and our Peimar modules from an Italian company producing top-quality panels in their base in Brescia, Italy, which offers impressive warranties including a 20-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty.

All our other manufacturers offer a 25-year power output performance warranty.


Essential for all PV Systems we stock a wide range of inverters, from micro-inverters suitable for on roof where usually no more than 4 panels are installed through to large scale single – three-phase string inverters. Our technical team has the training and the tools to demonstrate and help you choose the right inverter for the job. We hold Sofar, Solis, and BPE, but we are able to source many other inverter brands so if there is something you would like but cannot see here please give one of the team a call to discuss your requirements.


Essential for any install, the mounting system is the base for Solar PV modules. We stock a full range of mounting systems. From on roof to ground-mounted. our bracket manufacturers include Renusol, TRIC, Van-der-Valk to name but three, all our mounting systems are fully certified to comply with SEAI requirements. The TRIC- Van-der-Valk system covers almost all agricultural –commercial-industrial install types, with the TRIC A for on-roof mounting, TRIC F for flat roofs, and TRIC Flex for ground mounting options. We also hold stock of the IRFTS Easy Roof Evolution in-roof mounting system. Brilliant for producing a good looking domestic system, set into the roof, in place of roof tiles, this universal in-roof mounting solution is fully fire rated and MCS certified.


We have everything you need to complete an install. From cable and connectors to wi-fi and monitoring add-ons, even pest control and solar panel cleaning kits. Our one-stop-shop philosophy allows us to provide a fully complete system for our customers. If you need it we will either have it or can get it! Working with a range of manufacturers and suppliers if there is a product you would like but cannot see on our website please get in touch and see if we can help.

We can help you move towards a

Clean & Renewable Energy System for Your Farm

Help & advice on finding the right solar-powered system for your farm, including information on available products and government grants and financial support.