Support Scheme For Renewable Heat (SSRH)

Support Scheme For Renewable Heat

The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH) is state support aimed at replacing fossil fuel heating with renewable energy for commercial, industrial, agricultural, district heating, public sector, and other non-domestic heat users. Announced by Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten, the scheme’s details, and administration are the responsibility of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). It is now in operation subject to SEAI terms and conditions. Domestic customers are not included in the renewable heat incentive scheme.

Under the Renewable Energy Directive of 2009, Ireland has a target of 12% energy for heat to come from renewable energy sources, by 2020. By the end 2016, the actual figure was 6.8%.

The SSRH is designed to accelerate bridging this gap and a substantial Budget is allocated to fund the initial phase.

Tariff support for Biomass Boilers

For Solar PV! a Grant is available up to 60% of the capital cost or €9,600.00 which ever is the greater subject to TAM11 terms and conditions. For Non-VAT Registered customers, through the VAT 58 Form, the VAT element can be reclaimed as a one-off purchase and you also qualify for the accelerated capital allowance scheme and Non-VAT Registered Dairy Farmers you have access to Green Loans with your local credit union, our partner Flex-fi. and for Dairy Farmers who are VAT Registered you have access to or tax-efficient assist financing.

For Biomass! Where you are burning large quantities of fossil fuel to generate heat-hot water you could have access to the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH). The SSRH is state support aimed at providing incentives for replacing fossil fuel heating with a renewable energy source (Biomass). With this scheme you will be paid for every kWh you produce from Biomass for a period of 15 years.

In addition to the purchase facilities available for the installation of Solar PV you have the additional option of ab ESCRO where the system will be installed for free and you sign over the Tariffs to Eco Green Resources for a pre-agreed period of time. The benefits you will receive during this period is the ability to provide your heat- hot water for approx half what you are currently paying.

More information is available by contacting us or from the SEAI website.

Eco Green Resources will be delighted to sit down with you and look at all the possible options to ensure that you can avail of the very best solution and finance package to suit your particular requirements.

Energy Supply Company – ESCo – Fully Funded Model

As pointed out above Eco Green Resources can provide a fully funded ESCo model for biomass heating projects. This Energy Supply Contract requires no capital expenditure by you but enables you to purchase your Biomass and a substantially cheaper price then what you are currently paying. The period of the contract will be agreed in advance, depending on system size and type. This may lend to you receiving in addition to the cheaper Biomass, the further benefit of the remaining tariff years.